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Our October blog was a blast from the past, we posted a clip of Chef Tomer from 2015.

Today we post something new. Last week Tomer was interviewed by Jim Bumgardner for a Culinary Arts Special on Bergen Stages. Enjoy Tomer talking candidly and telling his story...

And it's not only Tomer who got some press coverage this week; so did one of our favorite PF desserts. Our popular Key Lime Tartlet featured on page 53 in The Dessert Issue of magazine 201 The Best of Bergen and was described as one of 'Bergen's 14 sweet treats you won't want to miss' and 'worth the drive... so good a little distance doesn't detract from it's deliciousness' - we couldn't agree more!

For full article click the link:

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Rummaging through PF archives we stumbled across this video of Chef Tomer, there's been a few developments in Tomer's life since it was shot such as; the opening of the second store in Closter where guests enjoy the regular PF experience, as well as Master Classes taught by Tomer himself and has proved to be a popular venue for private catering events. On a personal level, Tomer and his Amy now reside in Closter, keeping close to the family run business, and have had second child. We hope you enjoy watching this blast from the past...

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