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Community, Health and Keeping Positive

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

These are uncertain times and whilst we are doing the best we can can to stay healthy physically, how are we looking after ourselves mentally? We are all worrying about somebody or something, this chapter in our lives requires us to unite and support each other so we can be strong against this adversity.

Dine-in restaurants have been forced to close their doors to both guests and staff. Our staff have been amazing in this time of uncertainty, demonstrating patience, resilience and support and we continue to make every effort to sustain our Patisserie Florentine family. We continue to offer a curb-side and home delivery service, which maintains some of the team, but in order to support the whole PF family the best we can, we’ve had to get creative. We put our heads together to think of ways we can offer other job opportunities to those whose usual roles are temporarily defunct. We decided on a little home-improvement project; re-vamping our Englewood and Closter stores, this project has proved to be a positive experience, keeping spirits up, we are all actively showing each other we are a community who support one another. Wait-staff and Baristas have become temporary Delivery Drivers, Dishwashers & Cooks have become Painters! We look forward to showing off the good work and seeing you all the other side, dining in our newly-improved Englewood and Closter stores. (see video of Chef Tomer and the kitchen team hard at work)

In the meantime while we endeavour to support our community in all sorts of imaginative ways, we continue to offer a quality fresh food curb-side and home delivery service, we practice social distancing and stringent hygiene measures prioritising health and wellbeing. We hope you will support us by continuing to order!

Thanks for reading 😉

Your home from home,

Patisserie Florentine

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